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     Mirage Aerial Imaging's FAA certified UAS operators provide easy-to-use aerial data solutions after a detailed assessment of a client's needs. Our pilots perform an onsite assessment and make a comprehensive project plan. They coordinate the plan with FAA air traffic control, the property owners and local law enforcement to ensure safety and quality results.

     Aerial data collection and analysis provides companies with improved outcomes through decreased man hours, access to precise data not otherwise accessible, high quality images and saves money in the long run.

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We use the latest technology to provide you with the highest resolution radiometric thermal images. 

Infrared (thermal) technology measures heat energy waves that are invisible to the naked eye. These images are displayed on the screen using different color pallets (i.e. white hot, iron bow, sepia, rainbow, black hot, arctic). Each pixel is displayed as a different hue or color based on the temperature. Radiometric cameras interpret the temperature at each data point. 



Thermal Imaging

  • Commercial Roofs

  • Building Envelopes

  • Windows

  • Power lines and Substations

  • Solar Farms

  • Irrigation lines

  • Underground steam pipes



  • Plant health

  • Weed monitoring

  • Water assessment

  • Topographical assessment

  • Hemp farms


3D modeling

  • 3D models

  • Measurements

  • Mapping


Commercial Real Estate

  • Pre-damage assessment

  • Post-damage assessment

  • Advertisement

  • Construction 


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