Precision Agriculture

  Multispectral aerial imaging for agriculture

  • Crop health & identify early signs of crop stress

  • Crop count & sizing

  • Watering analysis

  • Field measurements (GPS coordinates)

  • Topographical survey

  • Weed monitoring

  • Yield estimate & population analysis

Our software is compatible with John Deere, Climate FieldView and Beck's Farm Server

Drone data can narrow crop issues to an 8 cm area in your field = precision!

Drone data is now and can be done even when over cast.

Satellite images cannot be taken when clouds are in the way. The images are delayed and at best narrow your field to maybe 20-30 meters!

Thermal imaging for agriculture

Mirage Aerial Imaging's drone has the capability to fly a multispectral camera and a thermal camera at the same time, both offer a farmer a wealth of information!

Thermal data helps monitor irrigation patterns and water use within a field. Are you over or under watering? 

You don't need to pay more to obtain this data -- It's included!

We are Nebraska owned

You will receive personal service and meet us face to face

We pride ourselves on 100% satisfaction

We are committed to the success of Midwest farmers!

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