Drone Safety Awareness Week Day #1

Updated: Nov 16, 2019

Welcome to Day#1 of the FAA's Drone Safety Awareness Week!

The topic today is:

Highlighting Drones in Public Safety and Security 

Drones can be sent into potentially dangerous situations ahead of humans to assess the situation. UASs can’t 100% take the place of humans, but they can be used as tools to decrease the risk to humans. They can be loaded with specialized cameras to capture images which can be used to help police, SWAT and firefighters save human lives, as well as protect their own. 

  1. Firefighters can use drones to assess the extent of a fire from the air with a thermal (IR) camera. Hot spots can be located and safe entry points for firefighters can be identified.

  2. Drones can be used in search and rescue operations. The need for large search parties can be decreased using thermal imaging cameras.

  3. Drones can be used in disaster response situations to assess the extent of damage, locate victims and help first responders mobilize their response by identifying dangers from the air before they are encountered on the ground. 

  4. Drones can be used for accident reconstruction. By using drones to take photos and collect data, officers spend less time on the scene often putting themselves at risk from ongoing traffic. 

  5. Drones can also be used for crime scene investigation. They allow the officers to investigate a scene without disturbing the evidence .

  6. Drones can be used by SWAT teams to assess dangerous situations prior to deployment of armed teams.

UAS are a great tool for police, fire and public safety officers to use to help identify safety concerns or keep officers and public safe.

Visit the FAA's website for more about Public Safety and how to fly safe in the air with your drone program


Drones can be used in a variety of ways to help keep humans safe, but we also need to remember to fly safe! Be sure to review FAA guidelines and be aware of your surroundings when flying ;-)

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