Thermal Imaging

Commercial Roofs

     It is advised for the health of any low slope or flat commercial roof to maintain a regular maintenance schedule consisting of visual inspections, cleanings and regular Certified Roof Inspector visits. An aerial thermal image provided by Mirage Aerial Imaging can assist in the inspection process, by directing inspectors and building managers towards areas of potential water infiltration. 

     An aerial thermal inspection of a roof saves man hours and can improve energy efficiency in your commercial building.

     A baseline inspection is beneficial for any commercial roof and can help with insurance claims if any damage is suspected.     

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     It is important to note, IR scans can be negatively affected by cloud cover, wind, sun position, and other environmental/material factors. Ballasted and inverted membrane roofs are not good candidates for thermography. TPO and PVC roofs are best evaluated by thermal scan after approximately 3 years due to their reflective nature. 

Additional Applications

Aerial IR imaging can also be used for the following:

  • Building Envelope and Window inspection.

  • Solar Farm inspection.

  • Power line and Substation inspections.

  • Detecting underground steam pipe fissures.

  • Detection of buried septic or storage tanks during environmental surveys.

  • Pinpointing leaks in golf course irrigation systems.

  • Other applications as agreed upon.

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